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siti nurhaliza

siti is my favourite artist.... but most her story i like is her romance....

Siti has previously been romantically linked to quite a number of fellow artistes including Zamani, Anuar Zain and Dr Fazley Yaakob. It was rumoured that Siti and Fazley were together before she met her future husband, Datuk Khalid Muhammad Jiwa (Datuk K), as Fazley helped her get a chance to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in London. They flew there together but things apparently became tense when Siti kept on disappearing with Datuk K during rehearsals.
Siti was also previously linked to actor-singer-director cum producer Yusry Abdul Halim who was formerly married to actress Erra Fazira. For the past few years, Siti was rumoured to be in a relationship with a prominent Malaysian businessman, who was then only referred to as Datuk K. The rumour had it that she would be getting married in 2006, to which she neither confirmed nor denied, which deviated from her usual response to rumors. The rumors were further fueled during her acceptance speech at the "Anugerah Bintang Popular 2006" awards ceremony. In her speech she thanked "her special one", whom she had never mentioned before. Recently reporters saw the family of Siti's supposed lover visiting her house in Kuala Lipis. Many believed that the family visited in order to arrange for the wedding.
Much controversy arose over the romance, due to the 20 year age gap between them. Also, rumours were flying that Siti had an affair with Datuk K while he was still married, and asked him to leave his wife for her. They apparently met through Datuk K's former wife Tengku Zawyah Tengku Izham who used to invite Siti to perform at charity functions that she hosted. However, both Datuk K and Siti denied these allegations

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