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Clear Signal You online Toward a Break-up or Separation

From my experience and expert advice either Internet or close person ...

#Your feel boring and want to stop building love behaviour.
When you still in early marriage you are really working at building

relationship.Then it slowly showing like for example you stop kissing

each other ,stop saying goodbye at front door or stop SMS each

other.This is first signal for breakup point.

#You dont understand what your partner feel or need.Furthermore you

start fighting and arguing and feel you suppose to winner.This will

lead like you staying with alien room mates like back end when pre-admission study at college etc.

#You will start pushing each other.At this situation any action done by

your partner will trigger bomb.You start yelling,scolding,shouted with

loud voice even like want all neigbour suppose to hear your

fighting.Felling is no more important ,figthing to release hidden

message reside in heart is more important.At this level expert have

predicted situation will continue worst and dificult to healing back.

#You become silent person and like living in cage instead IN your dreaming feel talking to partner is wasted time,boring,no happy

reaction and like seeing invisible man@woman.When mates approaching you

make self defence ,running,sleeping,outing,shopping etc.this is clear

signal breakup almost near end.

#This times if all symptoms happening as mention above you should think

deeply.Work futher to mates and telling honestly what your feeling,what

you expected,and no more secret hidden or affair.Consider to walk away

and move a bit far far away you can be and you can feel may God shed a

light for your next action.PErHARPS..
Okay until this times.