to all celebrate chinese new year wish
You all happy and had prosperity always.

But there is bad news that DONT Buy Shanghai orange since health ministry make announcement

They have investigate that shanghai orange got coated or covered by poisoning colour that it sure have healthy golden color but actually poison to people eaten

I just thinking to buy oranges from minimarket near my place but lucky i
See this shocked news

So beware blogger make sure eat healthy fruit only

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Okay today i will talk about amazing brain facts ,enjoy these
1.Did u know our brain cell one brain cell is more powerful than ur PC !
2.Ur brain become more complex ,more sophisticated also more powerful
When u thinked something more hard than normal day
Exmple;u taking a degree or master nowdays after ur completed previous course
(yeah i too just knowing the fact,so that why maybe prof is more genius than teacher ;))
3.YOur brAin structure neversame for everyday, today maybe more powerful than yterday
But maybe tmorrow will be dumb than todAy,(to prevent this make sure you always surfing internet on knowledge website
Rather than gossip of artist or singer hehe)

Food that can help you sleep

The King are "Almonds"
Why almonds have been selected as winner for food to eat for sleep ?
It has good chemical mixes that can promote Your brain to sleep and relaxing the muscles.
Scientist said it also can make your adrenaline hormon cycle comes to rest as it maintains blood sugar.
So fast go to 7 eleven shop and buy alot this food.

The Queen of food is drink a "Tea" before you sleep.
Green tea contains theanine hormones, which helps promote sleep. Just be sure drink alot green tea before bedtime.

The Prince and last is "Banana"
Scientist said It also contain chemical which convert to serotonin hormones which a calm hormones and make us relax mood.
Also same as almonds , it can relax your muscles.

I go to the website above,very interesting

i will give mineral sources as below

Magnesium ; nuts
Potassium; apricot banana kiwi strawberries
Calcium;fish is the best
Zinc; oyster meat peanuts avocado
Selenium;meat fish nuts
Manganese;nuts cereals rice
Copper;oyster nuts mushrooms coco

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