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Nicole kidman

She very excited to produce her new film rabbit hole,we think its have an x story but it was sad story guys.
It was story about family who lost their child becoz of accident.
What a sad story,if she acting on this film must watch it.

how to live longer...i am also want..

I just found some information about how we already search for long time to live maybe alomost 100 years.

-Some people lived in Okinawa Japan alomost half the population lived more than 70 years.

-In other part at Italy same situation,many older people live there.

Many factor contribute it such as traditional diet of Okinawa consists in portions made of a bowl of cooked food and a fruit. They eat daily seven portions of vegetables and fruits, seven of cereals and two of soy products. They take various portions of fish weekly and very sporadically meat and dairy products. Overall, their diet is low in calories and contains a lot of vegetables.

Also they live longer because of the sea salt, high amount of vegetable consumption, and general pure sea-food diet that they live so long. The waters there are much cleaner and full of minerals. Also Japanese people in general eat very well and live a long time

asthma medicine

what is asthma?

shortness of breath, tiredness is the result of too much fluid / mucus in the airway clear. This mucus can cause bottlenecks oxygen into the lungs, narrowing the hole and remove the zip is not fun, especially at night

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