Okay, everyone has their own strength.Sometimes what is called "Intelligent".
So here what i found in internet and you can study and understand which is most your strength.
No matter which is the best or equal , you may use merge it and combine ,there after you can become more intelligent or clever in your own STYLE.

6 Strength type:

1) Visual @ Observation Style of Strength
This is you good at visual things on your mind quickly.
You memory fast triggered up etc people face, building or places.

2) Music @ Rhythm Style
This is well known .I think no need to explain.If you are good to remember many songs.
Then you are good in music.You should enter "Jangan lupa lirik" showgames at Astro ria.
Hosted by famous n tv presenter Aznil Nawawi...hehe

3) Body @ Movement
You best genius in movement things..Or you like dancing,sport etc.

4) Reading people
Okay this seems like marketing job.For this you will fall this category if like n enjoy communicating.Also like politic king too , you can conquer people and this is powerful unlucky dont have this Intelligent.

5) Understanding yourself
this is know what your strengtheners , your lack , your ability etc.
You like to experiment your self,thinking what will be in future,sins or godd thing you have done today..(Me always do bad thing)..And you think no other people know you better except your self..(This is so me..hhuhu)

6) Nature guys
This i also hard to say..but i can say people categories on this is like nature and animal..and he@she like green concept as now every company ask their engineer my company..(>but i always waste electricity)
Also people in this category is more to spiritual ( me have most lah this intelligent )

Orite..think what i'm saying above..and if you half strength and other may combine and use it..guarantee you can become Super..but not Superman okay...

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